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The Common LG TV Problems:
Lines In Picture:
On LG TV, while watching your favorite TV show or movie, if you are unable to see a clear images/pictures, there could be a problem on your LG TV. If the lines are appearing continuously on the TV screen, you need to get in touch with our LG TV repair expert.

Broken Screen:
It may cause due to physical or accidental movements of the TV. If you are screen got broke or damaged, then call our LG TV Service Center In Vizag.

Freezing Screen:
Sometime your LG TV Screen might freeze and unable to load any picture. Then you need an expert assistance.

No Picture/No Sound:
Yes this is a common problem after using 8+ years. At this point of issue, all you need to do is plug out and plug in external audio ports. If the error still persists then call us @ LG TV Repair Service in Vizag.

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